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A&D have a broad commitment to promote a high quality of life for ordinary People. Since 1979, with the introduction of our "digital blood pressure monitor for the home," A&D has continued to design reliable medical devices for both home healthcare and healthcare professionals. In 1984, they made home blood pressure monitoring commonplace by refining their oscillometric technology. The oscillometric method went on to become the standard method for digital blood pressure monitoring in the home. As leaders in blood pressure technology, they began the expansion of their product line.

Starting in the late 1980's, they expanded their product line to include ambulatory blood pressure monitors, bedside monitors and fully automatic monitors. Furthermore, because of the adverse health effects caused by devices that contained mercury, they went to work and developed an alternative: a mercury-free sphygmomanometer.

No wonder A&D products are trusted by hospitals, research Institutes, clinics, and at home. Today, their product range encompasses medical weighing products, thermometers, nebulizers as well as telemedicine devices. Telemedicine devices are part of a future generation of medical devices that enable secure wireless communications between patients and doctors. Long distance, inexpensive patient care just became easier. A&D will continue to design and manufacture products that solve existing and evolving patient needs. They will provide "Technology You Can Trust" to guarantee every patient accurate, lifetime care.

A&D as a Qualified Manufacturer of Medical Devices Quality system

A&D products conform to numerous design and manufacturing standards. In addition, to conform to stringent global requirements in Japan and abroad, they have received our ISO 9001 Quality System Certification in 1995. An additional certification is required for designing and manufacturing medical devices - ISO 13485. In 2004 they also received their certification for system qualification, which assures their excellence in providing medical devices to EU countries. By complying with these requirements, they are able to display the CE marking under the 93/42/EEC Medical Device Directive.


A&D is proud to be a Japan-based global manufacturing company. Their Technical Center is located in Kitamoto, Japan, approximately 40 km north of Tokyo. Their research and development activities, in accordance with several requirements (ISO 9001 and Medical Device Directive for EC Communities) are conducted at this location. Their goal is to deliver the highest quality at the most competitive price in response to market demands.

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